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The complete credits for the play, the series, the movie and the production crew.
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The Play: The Banana Box

Elizabeth Adare
E. Grinstead; Oxford; Newcastle
Neville Aurelius
Philip Smith
Wilfrid Brambell
Frances de la Tour
Ruth Jones
Keith Drinkel
Noel Parker
Paul Jones
Noel Parker
E. Grinstead; Oxford; Newcastle; London
Rosemary Leach
Ruth Jones
E. Grinstead; Oxford; Newcastle
Janet Michael
Ruth Jones
Louise Nelson
Leonard Rossiter
E. Grinstead; Oxford; Newcastle; London
Don Warrington
Philip Smith
E. Grinstead; Oxford; Newcastle; London


The TV Series: Rising Damp

Main Cast

Leonard Rossiter
Rupert Rigsby.
Landlord of boarding house
All 28 episodes
Richard Beckinsale
Alan Moore.
Tenant, medical student
22 episodes
(not Series 4)
Frances de la Tour
Ruth Jones.
Tenant, university administrator
24 episodes
(not Series 3, ep. 5-7 or Xmas special)
Don Warrington
Philip Smith.
Tenant, town & country planning student
All 28 episodes


Supporting Cast

Elizabeth Adare
Lucy, Philip's girlfriend. Comes to the house for a night of passion with Philip, but Rigsby is home. Rigsby mistakes her for being his 'present' from Philip.
For The Man Who Has Everything
Roy Barraclough
Barman, served Rigsby. Serves Rigsby drinks and crisps while he waits for his blind date. After many cases of mistaken identity, he has Rigsby thrown out.
Pink Carnations
Ann Beach
Mrs. Brent. Temporary tenant, complete with baby boy. She leaves him in Alan's care, but Rigsby soon takes charge.
That's My Boy
Norman Bird
Vicar, asked to perform exorcism. Tries to convince Rigsby that his 'bad spirits' are from his own subconscious.
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Peter Bowles
Hilary, camp playwright. Struggling writer and actor. Takes a shine to Alan, plays a joke on Rigsby and ends up in a clinch with Miss Jones on her bed.
Stage Struck
James Bree
Peppery Man, lambasts Rigsby's driving. Tells him he will see him in court.
Clunk Click (scene cut)
Roger Brierley
Osborne, hypochondriac. Worried about impending circumcision operation. Has blackout, convincing Rigsby he's dead.
Suddenly At Home
Ronnie Brody
Charlie, the bailiff's assistant. Takes an inventory of Rigsby's hire purchase belongings, before removing them.
Last Of The Big Spenders
Avis Bunnage
Veronica Rigsby, his estranged wife. Returns to Rigsby and pretends to be happily married in front of Aunt Maud, to get her hands on an inheritance.
Great Expectations
Judy Buxton
Caroline Armitage, Alan's girlfriend. Aristocratic and rich. Leaves Alan when Rigsby embarrasses her and her mother.
Clunk Click
The Cocktail Hour
John Clive
1. Samaritan. Is called upon by Rigsby when suicidal Mr. Gray takes to the roof in his underpants. 
2.Gwyn, a religious  student. Shares room with Philip, and tries to convert Rigsby and Miss Jones.
1. The Good Samaritan
2. Fire & Brimstone
George A. Cooper
Mr. Cooper, father of Alan's girlfriend. Comes round to stop Alan from seeing his daughter. Is sent packing by Rigsby, only to return with his two strapping sons.
Permissive Society
David Daker
Mr. Brent, father of baby boy. A sailor on a cross-channel ferry.
That's My Boy
Robert Dorning
Father, of lovestruck daughter. Comes to the house to send off her boyfriend Robin, but after mistaking him for Rigsby and Philip, is pleased to see Robin after all.
Hello Young Lovers
Liz Edmiston
Maureen, Alan's cyclist friend. Is wooed by Alan in his room until Rigsby appears, and she has to hide under the bed.
Jonathan Elsom
Curate, singing with Ruth. Practising his vocal techniques, accompanied by Ruth on recorder. The python intervenes.
Fawcett's Python
Derek Francis
Mr. French, collided with Rigsby's car. A magistrate who insists on paying Rigsby for the damage, but Rigsby has given ownership of the car to Alan.
Clunk Click
Gretchen Franklin
Aunt Maud, executor of will. Comes to make sure Rigsby and spouse are still happily married, a condition of the will.
Great Expectations
Helen Fraser
1. Postmistress Gwen. Delivers Rigsby a Christmas card, and rebuffs his advances to get her under the mistletoe.
2. Bride. Newlywed who Rigsby mistakes for his blind date, who is promptly set upon by her husband and her battleaxe rmother.
1. For The Man Who Has Everything
2. Pink Carnations
Frank Gatliff
Charlie, manager at The Grange. Is wary of 'troublemaker' Rigsby's presence in his restaurant. Throws Rigsby out after a disturbance on the dance floor.
A Night Out
Robert Gillespie
Gas Man. Comes to cut Rigsby's supply off, but is talked out of it by 'penniless' Rigsby, until a pocketful of small change appears from a hole in Rigsby's lining.
Last Of The Big Spenders
Kelwyn Harrison
Non-speaking policeman. Accompanies a sergeant making door-to-door enquiries about the prowler in the area.
The Prowler
Peter Jeffrey
Ambrose, gypsy and hypnotist. Tries to hypnotise Philip, but Rigsby falls under the spell instead.
Under The Influence
Andonia Katsaros
Marilyn, exotic dancer with snake. Causes mayhem when her pet python goes AWOL after a walk in the garden with him.
Fawcett's Python
Diana King
Mrs. King, Caroline's mother. Upper-class president of the Women's guild. Is knocked down a few pegs when Rigsby remembers her from secondary school.
The Cocktail Hour
Ian Lavender
Mr. Platt, political candidate. Tries to convert Miss Jones to the Liberal Party.
Stand Up And Be Counted
Alun Lewis
Robin, lovestruck man. At the house with his girlfriend, and fearing her father.
Hello Young Lovers
Larry Martyn
Fred, Rigsby's milkman. Suffers the misery of the season from Rigsby, but gets the postmistress under the mistletoe.
For The Man Who Has Everything
Henry McGee
Seymour, crook and pickpocket. Duped Rigsby into parting with his cash. 
The Perfect Gentleman
Derek Newark
Spooner, wrestler tenant. Frightened of the dark. Breaks leg tripping over Vienna.
A Night Out
All Our Yesterdays
Daphne Oxenford
Radio announcer, narrated children's story on radio, while Rigsby was babysitting Mrs. Brent's child.
That's My Boy
Robin Parkinson
Desmond, Ruth's fiance. Works in poetry section of library. Becomes engaged to Ruth and she moves in with him.
Moonlight And Roses
Brian Peck
Ron, Rigsby's brother. Gives Rigsby a 'found' wedding ring, but drives Rigsby to the wrong church on his big day.
Come On In, The Water's Lovely
John Quayle
Groom at reception. Rigsby mistakes his new bride for his blind date. Ruth mistakes him for her blind date.
Pink Carnations
Gay Rose
Brenda, artists' and photographers' nude model at the local university. Befriended by Alan, moved into Ruth's room. Ogled by Rigsby, courted briefly by Alan.
Moonlight And Roses
Last Of The Big Spenders
Things That Go Bump In The Night
For The Man Who Has Everything
Fanny Rowe
Ruth's Mother, turns up for the wedding. Tries to talk Ruth out of the marriage.
Come On In, The Water's Lovely
David Rowlands
Curate, cricket-mad Gordon. Brings camera along to photograph 'Grey Lady'.
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Andrew Sachs
Mr. Snell, solicitor. Gives Rigsby the news that his late Uncle George has given him the residue of his estate - on condition that Rigsby is happily married.
Great Expectations
Joan Sanderson
Bride's Mother. Sets about Rigsby after mistaking her and her daughter for his blind date. She gets him thrown out.
Pink Carnations
George Sewell
'Detective Constable Baker', prowler and burglar. Poses as Inspector investigating the reports of a prowler in the area.
The Prowler
Anthony Sharp
Mr. DeVere-Brown, political candidate. Conservative twit with two labradors. Honours Rigsby with his presence until telling him his home will be pulled down.
Stand Up And Be Counted
Campbell Singer
Mr. Flint, bailiff. Comes to remove Rigsby's hire purchase furniture after non-payment.
Last Of The Big Spenders
Michael Stainton
Policeman, comes to warn tenants about prowler posing as investigator.
The Prowler
David Swift
Mr. Gray, suicidal tenant. Has left his wife, thinks of leaving this world. Starts by going up on the roof in his underpants.
The Good Samaritan
Michael Ward
Labour candidate, camp as Christmas. Calls in on Alan and Philip to rally support.
Stand Up And Be Counted
Deborah Watling
Lorna, lovestruck girl. Looks forward to night with fiance, away from her father.
Hello Young Lovers

The Movie

Ronnie Brody
Italian waiter, serves Rigsby and Ruth in restaurant.
John Cater
Bert, Rigsby's local newsagent.
Jonathan Cecil
Boutique Assistant, camp. Offers to
help Rigsby off with his trousers.
Alan Clare
Accordianist, serenades Rigsby and Ruth in restaurant.
Bill Dean
Workman, rectifying Rigsby's rising damp problem.
Frances de la Tour
Ruth Jones, see top.
Glynn Edwards
Mr. Cooper, Sandra's father.
Denholm Elliott
Seymour, as above, but has fling with Ruth.
Derek Griffiths
Alec, referees Rigsby v. Philip boxing match.
Carrie Jones
Sandra, becomes nude model for John.
Pat Roach
Rugby Player, tackles Rigsby to the ground.
Leonard Rossiter
Rupert Rigsby, see top.
Christopher Strauli
John, art student. Shares room with Philip.
Don Warrington
Philip Smith, see top.

Production Crew

Rising Damp: TV Series
(See Episode Guide in Brief for episode number key).

Eric Chappell

Dennis Wilson 

Ian MacNaughton (1/1);
Ronnie Baxter (1/1-1/3,1/5-1/7, 2/1-2/6, Special); Len Lurcuck (1/4, 2/7);
Vernon Lawrence (1/1-1/6). 

Mary Byrne (1/1-1/7); 
Celia Sherman-Fisher (2/1-2/7); 
Evelyn Herschstein (Special, 3/1-3/7); 
Ellie Kyle (4/1-4/6). 

Brenda Fox (1/1-1/, 2/1-2/7, 3/1-3/7, 4/1-4/5); June Cashman (4/6).

Di Caplin (1/1-1/5, 1/7); Jane Clifton (1/6);
Viv Locklin (2/1-2/7, Special); 
Pam Fox, Pearl Rashbash, Pat Reid (3/1-3/7); Judy Binns (4/1-4/6). 

Mike Boyle, Colin Philpott, Arthur Tipper, Peter Lord (1/1-1/7); Gerry Lord, Mike Boyle, Colin Philpott (2/1-2/7, Special);
Arthur Tipper, Gerry Lord, Colin Philpott (3/1-3/7); Paul Thompson, Colin Philpott, Gerry Lord, Dave Ramsey (4/1-4/6). 

Ron Parker & Ian Hughes (1/1-1/7); 
David Whitely, Chris Warner & Ian Hughes (2/1-2/7, Special); Ian Hughes & 
Chris Warner (3/1-3/7); Glyn Edwards, 
Ian Hughes, Dave Whiteley 
& Chris Warner (4/1-4/6).

Peter Hardman & Peter Squires (1/1-1/7, 2/1-2/7, 3/1-3/5, 3/7); John Watt (3/6); Peter Hardman (4/1-4/4);
Bob Gray (4/5-4/6). 

Kay Harrington, John Cooper & Chris Foley (1/1-1/7); Kay Harrington & Chris Foley (2/1-2/7); Jackie O'Gorman (Special); 
Sue James, Kay Harrington & Jackie O'Gorman (3/1-3/7); Sue James,
Chris Foley & Kay Harrington (4/1-4/6). 

Colin Pigott (1/1-1/7, 2/1-2/7, 3/1-3/7, 4/1-4/2); Colin Pigott & Peter Caldwell (4/5); Peter Caldwell (4/4-4/6). 

Terry Knowles, Olive Simpson.


Rising Damp: The Movie

A Jack Gill Presentation of a 
Cinema Arts International Production 
for Black Lion Films. 

Distributed by ITC Film Distributors Ltd. 

Certificate 'A'. 

Running Time: 96 minutes. 

Released: 1980
First TV Broadcast: 3.3.83. 

Joe McGrath 

Roy Skeggs 

Brian Lawrence 

Eric Chappell 

Frank Watts, BSc 

Peter Weatherley, GBFE

Composed & Arranged by David Lindup 

Philip Martell 

Music: Brian Wade
Lyrics: Eric Chappell 

Ron Jackson 

Lewis Logan 

Neil Binney 

Roger Simons 

Alan Kane 

Terry Poulton 

Carolyn Scott

Phyllis Townshend 

Bunty Phillips 

Laura Nightingale 

Daphne Volmer 

Katy Arnold 

John Bigland 

Bill Rowe 

Jean Clarkson 

Janet Jackson 

Jean Garioch


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