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Character Studies: Landlord and Main Tenants
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Rupert Rigsby
Landlord of the run-down bedsit in an undefined town. In his late forties, separated (wife lives in Cleethorpes), and no children. Has a criminal brother, Ron, in Accrington. Apparently fought in the North Africa campaign in World War II, and got married when he returned. Lusts after tenant Ruth Jones, though she only has eyes for fellow tenant Philip (and anyone other than Rigsby). He refuses to allow girlfriends or boyfriends to visit his tenants, probably more out of frustration and jealousy than anything else. He likes to tell 'tall stories' about his poor childhood, sporting prowess etc. He refuses to believe in privacy, entering tenants' rooms without knocking. Lives in the downstairs flat with only his cat Vienna for company. He has a strong dislike to children and black people - a view that changes with time. He has opinions on most things, and mostly against-the-grain of commonly-held opinion, but is also gullible and easily swayed. He is thrifty to the point of stinginess, but cuts a sad, lonely figure in the house.

Alan Moore
Medical student at the local University. Tall and good-looking, but rather cowardly and shy on occasion. Apt to lie about his experiences with girls and about his 'healing of the sick'. Nevertheless graduates as a doctor by Series Four and moves out. Long-haired, lazy and always eating, he is a stereotypical student according to Rigsby - one who lies on his back blowing smoke rings, and smoking cannabis - both of which habits Alan denies. He brings a girl back on one occasion - Maureen, complete with racing bike, and later sees Brenda on a regular basis.

Philip Smith
Black tenant, claimed to have ten wives and to be from Africa, although later revealed (in the Movie) to be from Croydon. Studying Town & Country Planning at the local college. He is Miss Jones' object of desire, and she gets him the lodging at the boarding house in the first place. He tries to refuse her advances as often as possible (eg. taking a dive during the boxing match, tip-toeing past her door, having other girlfriends). He is often the butt of Rigsby's racist comments and opinions about the decline of society. He is suave, debonair and well-spoken.

Ruth Jones
Administration officer at the local college. A spinster in her mid-thirties, she lusts after Philip and rebutts Rigsby's continual advances. Had almost been married - the groom ran off with all the presents. Eventually falls in love with the librarian Desmond, but it doesn't work out and she returns in Series Four. She agrees to marry Rigsby but has a change of heart on the wedding day.

Nude model for artists at the local college. Befriended by Alan who says he can get her the vacant room after Miss Jones' departure. After a bad start by telling Rigsby of Alan's statement that 'the landlord eats ot of his hand', Rigsby soon sees her figure and large breasts as more than compensation for Ruth's absence. She is dated by Alan on a couple of occasions, but nothing develops.

John Harris
Art student, Philip's flatmate in the movie. Recreates many of Alan's scenes (eg. referee in boxing match, wearing earring, giving Rigsby green tablets, running from Sandra's father). Extra scenes are: painting Sandra topless in his room, a scene with Rigsby and Philip in the pub and with Sandra by the riverbank.

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