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Episode Guide In Brief

Title: Original Broadcast
Date (all on ITV):
Episode Summary:
1/1 (pilot) The New Tenant (aka Rooksby) Mon 8pm 2-Sep-74 Rigsby agrees to take in a new lodger, a black student.
1/2 Black Magic Fri 8.30pm 13-Dec-74 Philip has to demonstrate his 'godly' powers.
1/3 A Night Out Fri 8.30pm 20-Dec-74 Landlord and tenants celebrate Miss Jones' birthday.
1/4 Charisma Fri 8.30pm 27-Dec-74 Rigsby gets advice on courtship from the boys.
1/5 All Our Yesterdays Fri 8.30pm 3-Jan-75 Spooner the wrestler has a broken leg.
1/6 The Prowler Fri 8.30pm 10-Jan-75 A burglar poses as a policeman to rob Rigsby.
1/7 Stand Up And Be Counted Fri 8.30pm 17-Jan-75 It's election time, and campaigning is under way.
2/1 Permissive Society Fri 7.30pm 7-Nov-75 Alan and Rigsby have fiance troubles.
2/2 Food Glorious Food Fri 7.30pm 14-Nov-75 Philip wagers Rigsby to fast for 48 hours.
2/3 A Body Like Mine Fri 7.30pm 21-Nov-75 A fitness craze sweeps the household.
2/4 Moonlight And Roses Fri 7.30pm 28-Nov-75 Ruth falls in love and moves out.
2/5 The Perfect Gentleman Fri 7.30pm 5-Dec-75 A conman, Seymour, preys on Rigsby's gullibility.
2/6 Last Of The Big Spenders Fri 7.30pm 12-Dec-75 Rigsby buys new furniture to impress Brenda.
2/7 Things That Go Bump In The Night Fri 7.30pm 19-Dec-75 Rigsby's ghost story backfires on him.
Special For The Man Who Has Everything Fri 7.45pm 26-Dec-75 Rigsby has a miserable Christmas.
3/1 That's My Boy Tues 8.30pm 12-Apr-77 A baby occupies the tenants and eventually Rigsby.
3/2 Stage Struck Tues 8.30pm 19-Apr-77 A playwright wants Rigsby for his leading man.
3/3 Clunk Click Tues 8.30pm 26-Apr-77 Rigsby takes Ruth for a spin in his new car.
3/4 The Good Samaritan Tues 8.30pm 3-May-77 A suicidal man moves in to the bed-sitter.
3/5 Fawcett's Python Tues 8.30pm 10-May-77 An erotic dancer and her snake worry the tenants.
3/6 The Cocktail Hour Tues 8.30pm 17-May-77 Rigsby gives Alan advice on 'society' behaviour.
3/7 Suddenly At Home Tues 8.30pm 24-May-77 A hypochondriac is convinced he is going to die.
4/1 Hello Young Lovers Tues 8pm 4-Apr-78 Rigsby mistakes a courting couple for newlyweds.
4/2 Fire And Brimstone Tues 8pm 11-Apr-78 A religious tenant is sent to convert Rigsby.
4/3 Great Expectations Tues 8pm 18-Apr-78 Rigsby has been left money, on condition.
4/4 Pink Carnations Tues 8pm 25-Apr-78 Rigsby and Ruth become 'lonely-hearts'.
4/5 Under The Influence Tues 8pm 2-May 78 A gypsy hypnotises Rigsby.
4/6 Come On In, The Water's Lovely Tues 8pm 9-May-78 Ruth agrees to marry Rigsby, but changes her mind.


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