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Character Studies: Other Tenants
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Wrestler tenant, feared by the other tenants and Rigsby. A former Red Devil, and now known professionally as 'The Animal'. His clothes are 'borrowed' by Rigsby and Alan for the visit to the restaurant but Spooner is there and snatches back his bow-tie from Alan and a sleeve of his tuxedo from Rigsby. Decides to offset his rent until Rigsby has paid for the damage. Later breaks his leg falling down the stairs after tripping over Vienna, Rigsby's cat. Immobile with leg in plaster, he decides to have the radio playing loudly to console himself, much to the fury of the other tenants in the house. After Alan finds Rigsby's old pistol in his war memorabilia, Rigsby accidentally fires a shot through Spooner's door. He pretends to be dead to serve Rigsby right, but is furious after finding his goldfish dead due to the bullet shattering his bowl.

Con-man and thief. Steals money from the other tenants and spins yarns to Rigsby about playing golf with the mayor to win favouritism in the hope of avoiding paying any rent. Rigsby is suffucuently taken in to the extent of cleaning Seymour's shoes for him, letting him hog the bathroom and giving him money to invest in shares for 'oil in the Pennines'.

Mrs. Brent
A new tenant, accepted by Alan in Rigsby's absence while on holiday in Spain. Has a baby boy, David, despite the house rules. Was meant to be gone before Rigsby's return, but Rigsby got himself deported after causing trouble. Leaves the baby with Alan while she goes in search of another lodging.

Camp, out-of-work actor, pretends to fancy Rigsby but really does fancy Alan. Has written a play in which he wants Alan and Ruth to play lovers. Ends up in an embrace with Ruth during a rehearsal.

Mr. Gray
Suicidal tenant, in despair after split from his wife and collapsed business deals. Goes up onto the roof to commit suicide, but is talked down after Rigsby faints while trying to rescue him.


A scantily-clad exotic dancer who moves in with her stage 'partner' Charlie, a python. Rigsby thinks she is a prostitute and is pleased to learn she is a dancer, until she introduces him to her partner. She is given her eviction orders, but Charlie has escaped and is later found in Ruth's bed.


Hypochondriac tenant, always in and out of the doctors. Nervous about an impending circumcision operation. Takes too many tablets and goes stiff when Rigsby calls in to see him. Rigsby assumes he is dead and passes out. The ambulance takes Osborne away and Rigsby decides to give Osborne the coffin he had bought for himself. Osborne returns after being revived and Rigsby passes out again.


Lover of Lorna and on the run from her father. After the father is contacted and mistakes both Rigsby and Philip for his daughter's fiance, he is pleased to see Robin. Given advice by Rigsby about their honeymoon night (which it isn't) and a happy marriage.

On the run from her father after falling in love with Robin. Both tenants at the house.

Gwyn Williams
Theology student from Wales and member of religious order which forbids drinking, smoking, gambling, bawdiness and fornication. Is informed by Rigsby that Philip needs 'saving', but Philip coaxes him into believing it is Rigsby who should be saved. Gullible Rigsby is taken in and they end up singing hymns and reading the Bible.


Owner of 'mystical' stall on the market. Pretends he is a healer, a psychic and a true gypsy. Accidentally hypnotises Rigsby when trying to hypnotise Philip.

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