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Manager at the exclusive restaurant The Grange. Known by Rigsby since childhood and during wartime. Refuses to admit Rigsby or to believe he has booked a table. Tries to keep Rigsby quiet when he talks about his wartime desertion and swindling the US forces over the price of tea and sandwiches on his father's stall. Gets Rigsby thrown out after getting into a fight with Spooner and losing a sleeve.

Alan's cyclist friend and hopeful girlfriend. Tried to get drunk by Alan and drugged with withdrawn tablets Alan has acquired. Thrown out by Rigsby when he discovers her bike in the room.

'Det. Insp. Baker'
A burglar posing as a police officer investigating local burglaries and 'prowling'. Interrogates the landlord and tenants before making off with Rigsby's holiday money from the cupboard on the landing.

Mr. Platt
Liberal Party candidate, canvassing for support. Gets it, and nearly a lot more besides, from a lovestruck Miss Jones. Driven away by Rigsby who tells him his car - actually his mother's - is in danger from yobs while parked under the lamp-post.

Col. DeVere-Brown
Upper-class Conservative Party candidate. Calls on Rigsby with his two labradors. Fond of bloodsports, but recognises Rigsby as the person disqualified from the billiards competition for wetting the end of his opponent's cue. Tells Rigsby his home would likely be demolished if his party wins the vote, forcin Rigsby to soon change allegiance.

Labour Candidate
Very camp candidate for the Labour Party, supported by Alan and Philip. Visits the boys to help make banners and placards, but is invited to leave by Conservative-supporting Rigsby.

Mr. Cooper
Father of Sandra, a girl courted by Alan. Tries to get Alan's intentions clear by visiting him unannounced after reading one of Alan's letters to Sandra. Gets thrown out by Rigsby after being called Alan's father. Returns with his two strapping sons.

Lover and husband-to-be of Ruth, much to the annoyance of Rigsby, who tries to talk him out of their relationship by telling him Ruth is an alcoholic. Works at the local library.

Gas Man
Comes to cut off Rigsby's supply after non-payment of bills for three quarters. Rigsby's sob story of the house's freezing conditions and lack of any money makes him change his mind, but a cascade of money from Rigsby's trouser leg after he had been round emptying the meters makes him change his mind back.


Mr. Flint
Bailiff, sent by the local furniture store to reclaim their property from Rigsby after his non-payment. Agrees to wait while Rigsby tries to find some funds, but end up removing cushions, lamp, and settee while Rigsby is entertaining Brenda.

Mr. Flint's assistant. Takes an inventory of Rigsby's items to be repossessed.

Sent for by Rigsby to perform an exorcism on the house, which Rigsby believes is haunted by a 'grey lady' - actually Alan in a dress playing a prank.


Curate, Gordon
Cricket-mad assistant to the vicar. Arrives with camera to take photos of the 'grey lady' when she manifests herself. Rigsby has found the dress and is wearing it when Gordon takes a photo.

Postmistress Gwen
Happily delivers a Christmas card to Rigsby as she is surprised he has got one (he's actually written and posted it himself). Rigsby tries to get her under the mistletoe, but she resists. She returns later out of uniform, but the milkman Fred arrives just in time to steal the kiss from him.

Philip's girlfriend, from Northampton. Arranged to meet Philip at the house as Philip assumes Rigsby is spending Christmas at his brother's. Rigsby thinks she is Philip's present to him, although he actually meant the bottle of strong liquor on the table.

Fred the milkman
Delivers Rigsby's milk on Boxing Day but forgets his double cream. Chastises Rigsby over his lack of 'Christmas cheer' and is reluctantly given a Christmas gift of 10p by Rigsby. Returns later to find Gwen under the mistletoe and gives her his third kiss in a week.

Mr. French
Visits the house to seek the owner of the white sports car with which he was in collision the previous evening. Thinking he is going to take him to court, Rigsby tells Alan he can say the car is his. When Mr. French returns, it is to admit responsiblity for the prang and gives Alan money to cover the repair of the damages.

Comes in response to a call by Rigsby over Mr Grey, Rigsby's suicidal tenant. Miss Jones mistakes him for the man from the Gas Board, whom she has called separately. He later mistakes Rigsby for the suicidal tenant and insists on him being taken away by paramedics at the end of the episode.


Curate. Visits Ruth to practice his singing, accompanied by Ruth on the recorder. Is scared by Marilyn's escaped python.

Caroline Armitage
Potential girlfriend of Alan. Upper-class, Alan has to embroider the truth to make her think he is on her level. Accidentally sits on a jam butty in Alan's room and has to remove her skirt to let Miss Jones sponge it down. Returns with her mother to meet Alan and his friends. Rigsby gatecrashes the party as he has not been invited, remembers Caroline's now-stuck up mother as being one of the most common girls at his school, and they leave in disgust.

Mrs. Armitage
Caroline's pretentiously upper-class mother, insulted by Rigsby at party. He recognises her from his schooldays when she was plain Mavis Bagworthy, always wiping her nose on her sleeve and seen often on her father's scrap collection cart.

Father of tenant Lorna, invited by Miss Jones to sort out the quarrel over his disapproval of her boyfriend. Arrives at her room to find Rigsby there and is horrified to think he is her boyfriend. When corrected and encounters Philip, is even more horrified. Is consequently pleased to finally meet Robin, after his earlier frights.

Rigsby's estranged wife. Comes back upon hearing of Rigsby's impending windfall from Uncle George's death. Rigsby has coaxed Ruth into pretending to be her, as a condition of the will states that Rigsby must be happily married, and Aunt Maud acts as the executor to prove he is. Rigsby is horrified to see Veronica emerge from the kitchen instead of Ruth. Mistaken by Ruth for will executor Aunt Maud, and therefore talks nastily about Veronica, unwittingly to her face.

Aunt Maud
Excutor of Uncle George's will. Comes to the house to see if a condition of the will - Rigsby being happily married - can be fulfilled. Rigsby gets Ruth to pretend to be his wife, but his real wife Veronica returns instead.

Mr. Snell
Solicitor handling Rigsby's late Uncle George's will. Mistaken at first for a tax officer by Rigsby. Returns later snidily happy to inform Rigsby that George paid no taxes so there will be no money left after all.

Serves Rigsby in The George pub. Prepared to throw Rigsby out after chatting up almost every woman on the assumption they are his blind date. Helps to do so after the male members of the wedding party set about Rigsby for upsetting the bride and groom.

Bride's Mother
Scolds Rigsby for upsetting her daughter on her wedding day. Surprised by her age, Rigsby believes her to be his blind date.

Mistaken for his blind date by Rigsby because of her pink carnation, which Rigsby arranged for his blind date to have.

Provoked into an argument with his new wife by Rigsby, when he sees him chatting her up on the assumption she is his blind date. Rigsby confuses the situation by saying she has written him letters. Ruth (Rigsby's real blind date) believes the groom to be her date.

Ruth's Mother
Brought up in India, she approves of Ruth's husband-to-be, only to find she is talking to Rigsby's brother Ron. When she sees Rigsby she disapproves. When Rigsby covers her blouse in boot polish which he has been putting on his hair, she disapproves even more. She always wanted Ruth to marry Prince Charles, and so nobody is good enough by comparison.

Ron Rigsby
Criminal brother of Rigsby. Comes to the wedding of Rigsby and Ruth to get back the ring which he loaned to Rigsby after Ron 'found' it. Rigsby says Ron gave it to him, and Ron compromises by offering it as their wedding present. Drives Rigsby to the wrong church.


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