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The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, Episode Two
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Episode Two:

Titles: Reggie's headstone has now been erected, with the epitaph "Forever Revolting".

Scene 1: Inside 38, Leibnitz Drive, now seemingly larger without her husband, Elizabeth is talking to Ponsonby III, just as Reggie used to talk to her grandmother. She is hoping the cat will give her inspiration for some absurd ideas, as she has only made some square hoops, like they used to sell in the Grot shops.

Scene 2: The Harris-Joneses drive onto their local pub car park in West Wales. David staggers out of the passenger side, dressed as Long John Silver, complete with tied-up foot and shoulder-mounted parrot. His wife Prue is dressed as Nell Gwynn, in a huge pink flowing dress, and a string of oranges around her neck. As they walk towards the pub, they see a friend of theirs and they lose their nerve, returning to hide behind their car. They decide to go home, and instead decide to ask Geraldine what sort of things would qualify for being sufficiently absurd.
Scene 3: In her office, Geraldine is working at her desk. There is a knock at the door, and C.J. enters. He sits and asks Geraldine to marry him. She turns him down, but persuades him to invite her out to dinner.
Scene 4: A person in a flowered dress, blonde wig and tights, enters a pub in Blotchley. It is Jimmy. He goes up to the bar and orders a drink. At the bar, a friend of his is stunned, then congratulates him for being the first of the two to proclaim their transvestitism. Jimmy says he isn't a transvestite, and walks out. As he walks down the road, a cyclist rides past, and Jimmy shouts after him in his gruff voice about splashing his tights as he rode through a puddle. The cyclist falls off his bike. Jimmy arrives at the house where he has been invited to a friend's party. He has gone dressed as a woman to be absurd, but as the host of the party opens the door, Jimmy sees he is dressed as Napoleon. It is a fancy dress party, so Jimmy won't look absurd after all.
Scene 5: Doc Morrissey is now in Ms. Hackstraw's office, and is also proposing marriage. She also asks him to invite her out to dinner.
Scene 6: Linda's attempt at absurdity involves doing her weekly shop by skating around her local supermarket on roller skates. She loses her balance and runs out of control, falling into a neatly stacked pile of wine-boxes. A trickle of wine from one of the broken bottles drips into her mouth.
Scene 7: Geraldine Hackstraw has Tom Patterson in her office, where he presents her with a bunch of flowers. He invites her to dinner, and she is surprised at not being proposed to. She accepts the invitation.
Scene 8: The beneficiaries, with the exception of Joan, are gathered in the Perrin's home. Inbetween rousing Jimmy from his sleep, Elizabeth reminds everyone that their motive should not be the milion pounds, but instead to repay Reggie's trust and faith that he had in each of them during Grot and the Perrins community. She recapitulates that everyone has tried to be absurd individually, but Tom denies that he has. C.J. knows that Tom has asked Ms. Hackstraw out to dinner, and Tom asks how he knows this. C.J. boasts that she has told him over dinner, and Doc Morrissey is horrified. C.J. has taken her to the La Belle Epoque restaurant, whereas Doc has taken her to the Climthorpe Tandoori. The three men quabble on the settee, until Elizabeth restores order. She announces that everyone should be working as a team. They all agree, but C.J. asks: to do what? David Harris-Jones surprises everyone present by coming up with a very good idea - the elderly and redundant, such as himself, Tom and Jimmy, marching on London to protest against ageism, and the wasting of experienced workforce.

Scene 9: In Jimmy's flat, Elizabeth tells him that the project needs a leader, and asks him if he would be prepared to do it, should they all vote for him. Jimmy says he is at a low ebb, and has lost a lot of confidence, but Elizabeth reassures him that if anyone was a born leader, he was. Jimmy is motivated to say yes.
Scene 10: Back in Leibnitz Drive, Elizabeth has called a meeting to elect a leader, and C.J. assumes she means him. No one is over the moon when she suggests Jimmy should be the leader.  He feels he has lost everyone's confidence already, and decides to resign as soon as he is elected. They vote overwhelmingly to elect Jimmy as leader, but Jimmy changes his mind about resigning.

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