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The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, Episode Three
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Episode Three:

Scene 1: The party have assembled at Elizabeth's home, and this time Joan is present. She has brought along her new boyfriend, city trader Hank Millbeck. Hank waits in his car while they all decide whether to admit him to the cause. Joan tells them he is only 29, though he looks much older, and he is petrified of losing his job. They vote to admit Hank, and C.J. goes to call him in. He asks Doc to help him, so he can have a word with him. Outside, he orders the Doc to refer to Geraldine as 'Ms. Hackstraw' from now on. Jimmy fills Hank in on the story so far, while Doc is using Hank's car phone to ask Geraldine out to dinner again.

Scene 2: In the Goffley Tandoori, Geraldine is asking Doc Morrissey what his first name is. He tells her it is Gerald, and jokes that perhaps their similar names mean they were meant for each other. He asks her if she will sleep with him, but Geraldine declines, telling him she values his friendship too highly.
Link: Elizabeth is telling Jimmy he must inspire his troops, as there is a lot of apathy amongst them. Jimmy has no ideas on how to do this, so Elizabeth tells him.
Scene 3: In Climthorpe's French restaurant La Belle Epoque, Geraldine tells C.J. over dinner that she knows about his ordering of Doc Morrissey not to speak her name. C.J. is horrified to learn that she has been out to dinner with the Doc again, and she tells him she will do so again. The waiter asks if everything is satisfactory, and C.J. tells him no, it bloody well isn't.
Link: Jimmy is telling everyone assembled at Elizabeth's home why he wants the revolution so much - he tells them he wants to follow in Wat Tyler and Lambert Simnel's footsteps, by having a street named after him.
Scene 4: Tom has taken Geraldine Hackstraw to a Thai restaurant, and he is busy wiping his nose, thanks to the spicy food. She tells him his desire for her is not mutual, and that the only person Tom loves is himself.
Link: After the meeting, Elizabeth tells Jimmy that his speech earlier wasn't exactly what she had in mind, and that he should have focussed more on the logic behind the absurdism, and the philosophy behind the concept. Jimmy's look suggests she may as well have been talking in Japanese.
Scene 5: At the next meeting, Jimmy stands to explain the logic behind the absurdism and the philosophy behind the concept, but barely manages a sentence. Elizabeth takes over, preaching that although the country has a large proportion of senior citizens, society still remains essentially a youth culture, with films and fashions aimed at the young. Their aim is to turn this state of affairs around. The doorbell rings and David gets up to answer the door. It is Hank, he has been made redundant also, emphasising at just the right moment, exactly what Elizabeth has been saying. She encourages everyone to visit the haunts and homes of elderly people and start recruiting.
Link: Jimmy visits a couple of old people's homes and a home for retired chiropodists, but the residents are more interested in watching Neighbours on the TV, and sleeping. Prue gets caught up on a coach full of pensioners to Bognor. The driver pulls away, and won't let her off. David tries to recruit from a waiting room at an impotent clinic. He is asked to leave, but has an appointment. Tom and Linda are back working together, visiting sheltered accommodation. Elizabeth visits a gentleman's club in London, but is quickly ushered out. Joan and Hank go to see prostate patients in the local hospital. C.J. is at home, making things up and writing them down. Doc Morrissey is on the phone to Geraldine again.
Scene 6: Jimmy is looking over the results of the recruitment campaign at the next meeting at 38 Leibnitz Drive. Nobody has recruited anybody. Jimmy stuns the whole party by telling them they must work out their tactics first, and then go recruiting.

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