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The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, Episode Four
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Episode Four:

Link: Each beneficiary of Reggie's will are in their homes trying to think tactics, policy and strategy. All except Doc Morrissey, who is entertaining Geraldine in yet another Tandoori.

Scene 1: Geraldine is having dinner with C.J., when he untactfully asks her if she'll go to bed with him, or if she ever will. She says no, and walks off in anger, calling C.J. a 'monster'. She returns to tell C.J. that she didn't get where she is today without knowing a monster when she sees one.
Link: Elizabeth is at her brother's flat. She gives him a whole page of ideas, as she knew he wouldn't have come up with any himself. In a restaurant, the newly-reacquainted Tom and Linda are having dinner. Tom has had a brilliant idea - young age pensions.
Scene 2: In Elizabeth's living room, no one has arrived for the meeting. Eventually everyone arrives, and gives their excuses for lateness: David and Prue were tired after moving their things over from Haverfordwest to stay with Elizabeth, Hank was caught in traffic, Doc had a dodgy prawn vindaloo, C.J. boasts that his dinner engagement dragged on longer than expected, Tom's cauliflower Chardonnay gave him wind, and Linda coudn't find the right earrings. Jimmy reads from Elizabeth's notes, concealed on his clipboard. He tells of replacing youth culture with age culture, baldness and wrinkles being seen as beauty, and of calling for the formation of a 'think-tank' and a policy research unit. Doc Morrissey tells the team he has had the idea of young age pensions, and Tom is furious that his thunder has been stolen. C.J. refuses to believe that Tom thought of it first, but Linda backs him up. Linda then proclaims her love for Tom, and Tom is stunned. Elizabeth decides the members of the think-tank should be Hank, Doc, Tom, Prue and herself, and those of the policy research unit Joan, C.J., Linda and David. Jimmy notices he isn't on any team, so decides to go on both.

Link: At the first meeting of the 'think-tank' in Tom's flat, no one can think of anything. Prue wonders if it was a good idea to split up the married couples. In C.J.'s large country house, ideas for the policy research unit are again non-forthcoming. David wonders if it was a good idea to split up the married couples.
Scene 3: Tom calls for Linda, as he has reserved a place at a Greek restaurant in Camberley. Linda reminds him that they don't have to go out, and suggests they go to bed, but Tom is nervous, and hungry, and doesn't like to cancel reservations. They go out for their meal.
Link: Both C.J. and Doc Morrissey hesitate before calling Geraldine from their homes. C.J. gets through first, leaving Doc with an engaged tone. C.J. apologises to Geraldine, but is again untactful in his apology, and she hangs up. At the restaurant Tom and Linda are trying out some Greek dancing, and Tom twists his knee. C.J. rings Geraldine back to apologise again, and invites her out to dinner. Doc calls her at the same time and is left once more with the engaged tone. Tom and Linda arrive back home, but have an argument, and Tom is forced to leave. He rings Geraldine from a call box in the street, leaving Doc engaged for a third time. Tom is asking Ms. Hackstraw out again, but she tells him his place is with Linda. He eventually agrees.
Scene 4: Next day, and the team are again split into their respective halves. Doc suggests fashion shows for the over-50s, modelled by the over-50s. Prue suggests face drops, instead of face lifts. Doc and Tom both have ideas at the same time. Doc goes first - age hostels instead of youth hostels. This was Tom's idea, and he is upset at having his thunder stolen for a second time. C.J. is again hosting the meeting of the policy research unit. Everyone sits down, and the chairs fart, just like the old days. C.J. is acting differently. He is very happy, delighting in the squirrels in his garden. He is even nice to his housekeeper. David expands on the idea of young-age pensions, suggesting tiered reductions in salary for as long as people care to work, and therefore no need for pensions. They all agree it is a good idea, and C.J. celebrates with a bottle of champagne.
Link: Linda and Tom have made love for the first time since their separation. Linda asks Tom to marry her - again. He agrees.
Scene 5: Elizabeth is in Jimmy's flat replenishing his 'catering front', but Jimmy is preoccupied. He tells his sister about C.J.'s unusual happiness. Elizabeth decides it is serious, and tells Jimmy to have them followed.

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