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The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, Episode Five
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Episode Five:

Scene 1: Jimmy is talking over what to say to Tom and David when they arrive. The doorbell rings and he ushers them in. He tells them they have been hand-picked for a vital job - to spy on C.J. to see why he is behaving oddly, viz. being pleasant.

Scene 2: Tom is sitting in his car outside C.J.'s home, Expansion Cottage. He is wearing a vicar's collar, a ginger wig and beard. Meanwhile C.J. is in a pub, talking to Morton Radstock, a journalist. C.J. tells him the whole story about BROSCOR - the Bloodless Revolution Of Senior Citizens and the Occupationally Rejected - as he is tired of the whole thing. As Mr. Radstock leaves the pub to write up his scoop, he is knocked down by an articulated lorry and sent to hospital. After dark, David Harris-Jones arrives to relieve Tom. David is wearing the same as Tom, but is also wearing a kilt. Next morning, Tom returns to relieve David, just as C.J. drives away. David jumps into Tom's car and they give chase. They follow C.J. into a pub where he is spotted talking to another journalist, a freelance called Welton Ormsby. David and Tom buy drinks and sit down, but are too far away for them to hear what is being said. After they leave, Tom follows C.J. and David follows the journalist. Tom is angry to see C.J. pick up Geraldine Hackstraw for a dinner date, and David is angry to see Welton Ormsby walk round to Elizabeth's house to join BROSCOR.
Scene 3: Over dinner, C.J. again apologises to Geraldine for being rude to her. Unbeknown to them, a ginger-headed vicar is seated at another table, and is trying to write down all the words he hears. Tom feels guilty for feeling jealous about C.J.
Scene 4: Next morning, the BROSCOR team are assembled, and Geraldine is present to learn what progress has been made. Jimmy tells C.J. about yesterday's surveillance operation, but C.J. does not feel embarrassment. He notices Welton Ormsby is not present, and tells everyone that he must be writing up his story for the papers. The doorbell rings, and David welcomes in Welton Ormsby, much to C.J.'s annoyance. Tom rushes into the living room in a hurry, angry at David for not coming to relieve him. Tom is unsure if they can trust Welton Ormsby, but Joan says they must. Elizabeth says that if he proves his worth they should all be prepared to levy a small sum from their inheritance for Welton.
Link: Jimmy leaves the meeting with Geraldine, in an effort to ask her out, but finds he can't go through with it, and instead asks her if she'll be at Tom and Linda's wedding instead. In Hank's apartment, Joan asks him - for a second time, as he'd fallen asleep the first time - if he will marry her. Hank agrees. At the next meeting, Jimmy tells all the crew to go full ahead with recruitment. It results in six more members.  On Saturday morning, BROSCOR is temporarily forgotten when the team gather at the local registry office to witness the marriage of Tom to Linda and of Joan to Hank.
Scene 5: At the wedding reception, C.J. is asking Prue about female psychology in an attempt to further his relationship with Geraldine. Tom's ex-colleague is inviting Tom to start up their own firm of estate agents, but Tom tells him he is involved with something much more exciting. Later, Doc is asking Prue what she and C.J. were talking about. Jimmy is busy tying to recruit new members. Geraldine joins Prue later to ask what she was talking to the two men about. She goes over to Jimmy and asks him to ask her out to dinner with him. David is drunk, and is telling Tom and Linda's son Adam Patterson and his wife Angie all about the revolution. Prue quickly intervenes and shuts him up, but it is too late.

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