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The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, Episode Six
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Episode Six:

Scene 1: The next meeting is dominated by David's security gaffe, but Jimmy tells everyone to have faith. He changes the subject by announcing his brainwave - book every coach in the UK for the appointed day, booked through false names.

.  . 
Scene 2: Adam is visiting his granny with his wife Angie. He hands Elizabeth a piece of paper with the names of 27 new recruits. Rather than tell his employers the BBC, he has decided to join the cause.
Scene 3: Tom and Linda are hosting their first meeting. Jimmy updates the team on the number of recruits and number of coaches booked. David questions the logic behind Jimmy's suggestion of booking more coaches. Jimmy assures them that coaches, then people, is the way to go. C.J. asks about payment for the coaches, and Jimmy tactfully asks C.J. to help them out financially, to be rewarded after the demonstration has taken place. C.J. readily agrees, as he didn't get where he is today without lending lolly to earn even more lolly.
Link: Jimmy and Geraldine have been out for the evening, but Jimmy has called round to her sister's to show them what he has in the back of his Land Rover. He has a cache of rifles, but Elizabeth and Geraldine tell him it was not a good idea. Reluctantly, Jimmy agrees. At the next meeting, Jimmy's main objective is to book more coaches.
Scene 4: Jimmy wakes up in his bed, and is happy to find Geraldine lying next to him. The doorbell rings, and Jimmy finds C.J. in the hall. Jimmy has forgotten that he has agreed to host the next meeting. He goes off to get dressed. When everyone has arrived, and are crowded into Jimmy's flat, Doc and C.J. start to argue about Geraldine. Just then, she emerges from Jimmy's bedroom and goes to the bathroom. Both men are stunned into silence. Jimmy is pleased to see their stunned faces, and Geraldine returns to phone her office. The meeting gets underway: the progress report reveals 1,066 members, with 999 coaches booked. Jimmy has a plan - book more coaches.
Scene 5: Back in Elizabeth's home, the next meeting reports that every coach in the UK has been booked. Jimmy's plan now is to focus on recruitment.
Link: Linda and Tom visit more old people's homes. Jimmy is marching a bunch of men in their nineties up and down the grounds of a residential home, until Elizabeth tells him not to, as it might kill them. At the next meeting, Hank reports the total number of recruits is now 32,385, making ten people per coach. Welton and Jimmy visit an amusement arcade to recruit the young for Doc's idea of national service spent in theme parks, but the youngsters ignore them. Hank reports 136,762 people are now recruited, and all members of the team are excited. Prue cools the atmosphere by asking if there is any danger of Morton Radstock, the first journalist C.J. spoke to, regaining consciousness and remembering the conversation before the big day. C.J. goes to visit the journalist in hospital to find out, but a nurse tells him it is unlikely he will remember anything. Jimmy and Elizabeth have worked out the new Cabinet in the government for when they have taken it over: it includes Jimmy as Prime Minister, Elizabeth as Home Secretary, Hank as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Doc as Minister of Health, David as Foreign Minister, Prue - Minister for Education, Tom - Housing, Linda - Consumer Affairs, Joan - Minister of Sport and Welton Ormsby as Minister for the Media.
Meanwhile, at the hospital, Morton Radstock has woken up, and is calling urgently for the nurse. There is something important in the back of his mind that he is trying to recall.

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