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The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, Episode Seven
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Episode Seven:

Scene 1: It is the day before the march. At their final meeting, Jimmy orders all married couples to forgo sex, and Welton suggests Jimmy should disrupt a live news broadcast at the BBC, but Jimmy wants to march at the head of his troops.

Link: Elizabeth is standing at an open bedroom window, staring at the sky, talking to her late husband Reggie, asking him to witness what they are all about to do. C.J. is also standing at an open bedroom window in his house, laughing at the herons, rooks and squirrels, and telling them they will never inherit a million pounds, unlike him. In hospital, Morton Radstock is listening to the DJ on hospital radio. He hears the date mentioned, and it rings a bell, but he can't think why. David, Prue and Elizabeth are having breakfast. Hank and Joan are breaching Jimmy's no-sex rule - again, and Morton is telling the nurse what he has remembered. The nurse tells him he is delirious and goes off to get him some tablets.
Scene 2: The hijack of coaches has begun. Jimmy tells his coach driver there has been an oil tanker spillage at Lulworth Cove, and they have decided to go to London instead; Elizabeth is telling her driver that the New Forest has sunk under the weight of tourists; C.J. lies that the Lake District is full; Doc lies that Wales has been closed; Hank lies that Chelsea football hooligans are holding a picnic at Margate; Prue tells her driver that there has been a derailment of a cargo of nuclear waste near Windsor; Joan says acid rain has caused an outbreak of baldness near Cheltenham; Linda informs her driver that a hole in the ozone layer has been spotted above Stratford; Welton says the Cotswolds have been closed on Sundays as an economy measure; and Tom lies that prisoners have escaped from Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight.
Link: Morton remembers he had a tape recorder, but the nurse says it was not recovered from the scene. Meanwhile, thousands of coaches head towards London. Back in hospital, Morton has remembered it all, and has called for a telephone. Later, the police begin to receive reports from Morton's newspapers about the march. Police officers on the beat are ordered to intercept as many coaches as possible, to ascertain their destination.
Scene 3: The coach containing David Harris-Jones is pulled over by a police motorcyclist. The policeman tells the driver he has a faulty brake light, then asks David where they are headed. David says London, but the driver says he was going to Skegness until forced to turn round by his passengers. David thinks on his feet and says there is an outbreak of bronchitis, and Skegness was out of bounds as it was too cold for them. The passengers all begin coughing at the mention of bronchitis. The policeman thanks David, and leaves.
Link: The Chief police officer is briefing his team on the reports from the mobile units. He states that the Army, the SAS and the Prime Minister have been informed. At the home of Barry Benskin, an SAS officer, the phone is ringing. Barry answers it, then leaves the room, to get ready for a helicopter flight to London. Coaches are now pouring in to the capital, as are thousands of pensioners holding placards. Brass bands are playing, and a great sense of occassion is beginning to build. Jimmy's coach arrives at the BBC, where he announces they are the audience for a new sitcom 'Fur Coat and No Knickers', and are ushered in. In Whitehall, the wave of senior citizens is marching towards the Cenotaph, with Elizabeth, C.J., the Doc, Welton, Joan and Hank, Tom and Linda, and David and Prue in the front row. A long row of mounted police are slowly coming towards them.
Scene 4: In the BBC News studio, Angela Rippon is coming to the end of her broadcast when Jimmy enters. He tells Angela Rippon not to worry, and two pensioners remove her from her seat. Jimmy sits down and starts to address the nation. He tells the UK about BROSCOR, about the campaign for respect of senior citizens, and about the demonstrations throughout London. Watch video
Scene 5: The line of pensioners and the line of police have met each other head to head near the Cenotaph. Both groups have stopped. The leader of the mounted force uses a megaphone to order the crowds back, and to stop pushing. He tells them about the armed marksman on the nearby roofs.
Link: Jimmy continues with his impromptu broadcast, and announces there will be no more television for the rest of the day, only the music of Barry Manilow.
Scene 6: Elizabeth borrows the officer's megaphone to address 'her people'. She tells them to be proud of what they have done, and to go with dignity. They have been betrayed. They have lost, but have lost gloriously.
Link: The next day's newspapers are full of BROSCOR's attempts to take over the government. The Daily Sludge is proud of its journalist's tip-off to the police, proclaiming 'Sludge Ace Foils Wrinkly Rebels'. The Daily Express has a picture of C.J., calling him 'The Man Who Betrayed A Revolution - Government Saved By Former Dessert Tycoon', and The Daily Snail leads with '"I Didn't Get Where I Am Today Without Thanking C.J." Says P.M.'.
Scene 7: The team excitedly gather at Geraldine's offices, but at the same time feel disappointed at their failure. Prue consoles everyone that, during their cause, they forgot all about the money, and strove instead for success. They all agree. C.J. enters, and everyone is reluctant to talk to the betrayer, but eventually Elizabeth suggests that, by way of ameliorating his own guilt and regrets, C.J. could renounce his claim to his inheritance. C.J.'s heart misses a beat. Geraldine emerges from her office, and Jimmy asks everyone to wait for a short time, while he speaks to her privately. He closes the door on the rest of the party, and nervously asks Geraldine to marry him. She says no, and he asks why, as he's about to inherit a milion pounds. Ms. Hackstraw looks away, and decides it's about time to let the rest of the benefactors in.
Scene 8: Elizabeth, Jimmy, C.J., Doc Morrissey, David and Prue, Tom and Linda, Joan and Hank all settle into Geraldine Hackstraw's office. She congratulates them on their amazing success, then takes a deep breath. She announces that she cannot release the money. There are gasps, and C.J. passes out. When he has been brought round, Geraldine explains that a huge operation, with brilliant ideas and millions of supporters could not possibly be construed as 'being absurd'. Reluctantly, they all nod in agreement. Ms. Hackstraw says she looks forward to seeing them all when they have thought up something a great deal more absurd. They stand up, and file out of the office.

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