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Perrins Community

"...a community where the middle-aged and
middle-class can learn to live in love and faith and trust."

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    At the end of Series Two, both Reggie and Elizabeth have faked their suicide and are roaming the Dorset countryside dressed as tramps and calling themselves Mr. and Mrs. Gossamer. But they've both had enough and decide to return to society. Reggie is not looking forward to living an easy life on the money raised from the sale of his Grot empire of rubbish stores. He realises there is something he must do, a plan "to help fight the miseries of this poor old world...a plan that will send the name of Perrin ringing out proudly for prosperity."

    Unfortunately, he hasn't got a clue what that plan will entail.

    The idea comes to him in the bank. A man who had worked his way to the front of a queue finds the position closed in his face, so joins Reggie's queue, pushing in front of him. Reggie says nothing, but the man behind him does. An altercation develops between the two men, with Reggie trying in vain to intervene and calm the situation. It is then the idea comes to him. He forces the two men into a handshake and rushes out. Elizabeth thinks it is a brilliant idea and they purchase a house at 19 Oslo Avenue, Botchley. Elizabeth furnishes the property while Reggie sets out to recruit his community's staff.

   He first telephones C.J., but Mrs. C.J. tells him she hasn't seen him since he too faked his suicide at the same time as Reggie. He finds C.J. busking to the passing crowds in town, and with an offer of £10,000 per year - albeit with accommodation in a tent - C.J. accepts. Next, Reggie finds Doc Morrissey feeding popadums to the local starlings. He tells Reggie he is a Professor of English, although he only has one student, and only calls himself a professor because it pays better.. The Doc also agrees to come on board. Tony Webster is a sales rep., selling Uniwarm Central Heating systems - not very successfully. He willingly takes the job at Perrins, and accepts on behalf of his wife, Joan. Reggie then recruits David and Prue Harris-Jones who bring along their baby son Reggie, named in honour of the man David respects so much. Tom, Linda and eventually Jimmy all become members of staff, and the first day of their training period soon arrives.
    On the first day, everybody's jobs have to be decided (see below for a list of who does what). Promotion is the next step and the staff are all asked to write adverts for the local papers (see below for a list of their slogans). Soon, the first guest arrives: Mr. Babbacombe, an undertaker. Petrified at the thought of being the only guest, the staff dress up as 'other guests', but he sees through their disguises and flees in panic. But a trickle of guests soon becomes a flood - all the community's hastily-purchased adjacent properties are bursting at the seams, and the community is a great success (see below for the complete list of guests). But a storm is brewing on the horizon.
    Jimmy's crooked partner of days gone by, Clive 'Lofty' Anstruther, becomes a guest at Perrins, but embarks on a one-man crimewave of petty thefts. Next, a femme fatale, Deborah Swaffham, tries to lure the male staff into her lair, putting married relations in jeopardy when their other halves find out. An outbreak of dysentery puts most of the staff and many guests out of action for a while and Reggie, fed up with one bad thing after another, decides to go to the pub. There he meets the Irish labourer/genius Seamus Finnegan. He tells Reggie that dark deeds are afoot, involving the local villainous fraternity who are about to wreak revenge on the community that has tried to put a stop to their activities. Not surprisingly, all the guests leave and Perrins is wound down. C.J. finds Reggie a job as his 'think tank' at C.J.'s brother's company Amalgamated Aerosols, and the series ends.


C.J. - work
Elizabeth - secretary
Tony - culture
Joan - music
Tom - sport
Linda - art
Jimmy - head of expeditionary force
Doc Morrissey - psychologist
Prue - Old English crafts
David - sex
Kenny McBlane - chef


"Whatever happened to Reginald Perrin? Remember the 
brilliant Grot and its useless products? Now Perrin rides 
again- visit Perrins and become a better, happier person. 
Stay as long as you like, pay as much as you like."- (Reginald Perrin) 

"Lost all faith in experts? Then come to Perrins - guaranteed no experts in anything." - (Elizabeth Perrin) 

"Visit Perrins, the commune for the middle-aged 
and the middle class." - (Joan Webster) 

"Are you a backward reader? Then visit Snirrep."
- (Linda Patterson)

"Want to drop out, but don't like dropouts? At Perrins the dropouts are just like you - they're more like drop-ins.
So next time you feel like dropping out, why not drop in?"
- (Tom Patterson) 

"Perrins is a knockout!" - (Tony Webster) 

"Perrins is super!" - (David Harris-Jones) 

"I didn't get where I am today without knowing that 
Perrins is the best thing since sliced bread." - (C.J.)


GUESTS (and their problems or occupations)

Mr. Babbacombe, undertaker, feels an outcast and a pariah
Mr. Pelham, meat farmer, gone off meat
Thruxton Appleby, textiles tycoon, not liked
Bernard Trilling, Head of comedy at Anaemia 
Television, lost sense of humour
VAT inspector, hates the fact that he likes his work
Probation officer, hates the fact that he hates his work
Careers officer, unemployed
Arthur Noblett, arc welder
Middle-manager, multi-national plastics company
Director, finance firm specialising in pyramid selling
Hilary Meadows, bored housewife
Mr. Dent, Botchley Borough Council
Mr. Winstanley, Botchley Borough Council
Mr. Jenkins, Botchley Borough Council
Mr. Pennell, Botchley Borough Council
factory owner, raving poof
factory worker, raving poof
A. B. Muelling, vet, shy
Insurance salesman, lost motivation
Ethel Merman, housewife, not the legendary Ethel Merman
Mr. Edwards/Brakespear/Phipps-Partington/ 
Johnston/Meredith, conman
Editor of lonely hearts column, feeling lonely
Telephone engineer, can't communicate
Glen Higgins, mindless yobbo, moving in wrong circles
Elton Johnson, black teacher, hates job but can't get sacked
Clive 'Lofty' Anstruther, sucker and conman
Deborah Swaffham, femme fatale
Police Superintendent Potts
housewife, longs to be a career woman
career woman, longs to be a housewife
Doctor, overworked
Antiques shop owner, underworked
Imports manager, disillusioned
Exports manager, disillusioned
three football managers, sacked
fortune teller, will have nervous breakdown next April
car salesman, over-stressed
concrete salesman, pre-stressed

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