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The Series (selected episodes)
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Series One

Ep. 1 - Ice Cream Tasting
Ep.2 - Sales Area Maps
Ep.3 - Joan at Reggie's Home
Ep.4 - Dinner Party Without Food
Ep.5 - Bilberry Hall Speech
Ep.6 - Donald Potts' Interview

Series Two

Ep.1 - Reggie Revealed
Ep.2 - Reggie At The Job Centre
Ep.3 - Elizabeth's Rude Letter
Ep.4 - Grot's First Day
Ep.5 - Reggie Interviews CJ
Ep.6 - Grot Staff Meeting

Series Three

Ep.4 - Reggie's Community Worries
Ep.4 - Perrins' Community Guests
Ep.4 - The Council Visits
Ep.5 - More Guests
Ep.5 - Unusual Train Journey
Ep.5 - Femme Fatale Problems


Christmas Short, 1982
Blooper from Series 3
Fairly Secret Army trailer
Fairly Secret Army titles
Sunshine Desserts building demolition

Reginald Perrin Tributes & Countdown Shows

Oh Miss Jones! The Very Best Of Leonard Rossiter, VHS/DVD 1996
The Unforgettable Leonard Rossiter,
ITV1, 2000
Britain's Best Sitcom,
BBC2, 10/1/04
Comedy Connections,
BBC1, 19/7/04
The Ultimate Sitcom,
Channel 4, 2/1/06
Britain's Funniest Comedy Characters,
Channel 5, 14/5/06

Comedy Map Of Britain,
BBC2, 27/1/07
50 Gratest Comedy Catchphrases,
Channel 4, 4/1/08
When Were We Funniest?: 1970s,
ukGold, 16/12/08

Sex & The Sitcom,
BBC4 30/3/11

Sources: BBC Worldwide and alanheath2 Youtube channels

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