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The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, Episode One
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Synopsis: Reginald Perrin is dead, killed during a November gale by a falling billboard hoarding, ironically advertising the
very life assurance company with which he was insured. To everyone's surprise - including his widow Elizabeth, Reggie has
left in his will a sum not far short of £1million to each of his family and friends. The money is payable on the fulfilment of one
condition - that they all do something totally and utterly absurd. This is the legacy of Reginald Perrin.


Episode One:

Scene 1: In the local church at Goffley, a number of people have gathered for the funeral service of Reginald Iolanthe Perrin. On the family side of the church sit Reggie's widow Elizabeth, her brother Jimmy Anderson and Linda, Reggie's daughter. Amongst those on the friends side sit his old boss C.J., his old friends David and Prue Harris-Jones, Doc Morrissey and Linda's estranged husband Tom. The vicar recalls how Reggie once attended his own memorial service in disguise, and a number of those present look across the pews to see if he is present again. However, the sight of the coffin beside the vicar's pulpit assures everyone that this time, the great man has gone for good.

Scene 2: In the churchyard, the vicar completes his service at the graveside and the assembled party walk away, bidding their last farewells and replacing their hats. Jimmy asks Elizabeth if she is inviting anyone back to her house. She has deliberately decided not to do so, as it would seem like bad form, which Reggie loved. She has decided to forgo Reggie's wake in Reggie's honour.
Scene 3: Two months after the funeral, Jimmy is walking down Climthorpe High Street on his way to the firm of solicitors Hackstraw, Lovelace and Venison. He has had a letter, inviting him to be present at the reading of Reggie's will, and is running over the contents of the letter in his mind, especially the bit about 'may hear something to your advantage'. He walks past a man withdrawing money from a cash machine. The man turns and calls after Jimmy. It is Tom Patterson, Reggie's son-in-law. As they walk up the road, a frail old man calls to them from across the road. It is Charles Jefferson, Reggie's former employer, then employee, then employer again. They wait for C.J., realise they are too early to enter the solicitors, and decide to go for a drink instead.
Scene 4: In the waiting room of the solicitors, Elizabeth is already there, and greets her daughter Linda as she arrives. She asks her mother if Reggie ever discussed his will with her, but Elizabeth says no. Their conversation dies away when Joan Greengross enters, Reggie's secretary. Both women are surprised to learn that she too 'may hear something to her advantage'. Elizabeth is reminded of the time Joan and Reggie almost had an affair while working at Sunshine Desserts, and neither she nor Linda speak to her. Joan sits opposite them, at the other end of the waiting room.
Scene 5: In the pub, Jimmy, Tom and C.J. are all wondering what the will contains, but make a point of saying that they are not expecting anything. C.J. asks Tom how the estate agents job is going and Tom tells him that he was made redundant three months ago. Then C.J. asks him how Linda is. Tom tells him he hasn't seen her for seven years. It is Jimmy's turn to buy the drinks, but he has had a cock-up on the social security front, and has no money. They decide it is time to leave anyway.
Scene 6: Back in the waiting room, Joan tells Elizabeth how she has recently been made redundant, and asks Linda how Tom is. She tells him she hasn't seen him for seven years. Doc Morrissey enters, and asks Joan how Tony is. She says she hasn't seen him for ten years. As if to break the emerging pattern, David and Prue Harris-Jones enter, hand-in-hand, and wearing matching sweaters and trousers. Tom, Jimmy and C.J. arrive from the pub, and settle down to catch up on everybody's lives. David and Prue answer Jimmy's enquiry about their son Reggie, and they tell him he lives in caravan with a gypsy girl and their child. David has also been made redundant. C.J. has a dodgy heart, lives on his own in Virginia Water, while his wife lives in Luxembourg. Linda and Tom's children are the only success stories - Adam works for the BBC, and Jocasta is touring Asia with friends. A stranger, Mr. Higgins, enters, and everyone begins to wonder if Reggie has invited hundreds of people. But Mr. Higgins is here to make his will. He tells the assembled beneficiaries that he is leaving all his money to Battersea Dogs Home, and everyone in the room is struck dumb with horror at the thought of Reggie doing the same.
Scene 7: In the office of Geraldine Hackstraw, executor of Reggie's will,everyone is seated facing her desk. She asks everyone to introduce themselves, for reasons yet to become apparent. She sits behind her desk and starts to read out the last will and testament of Reginald Perrin. Ms. Hackstraw narrates that all Reggie's worldly goods are to be left to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth is shocked. Ms. Hackstraw continues, including Jimmy in the share of the estate. Jimmy thinks that is the end of it, and gets up to leave. Geraldine continues, including Linda and Tom, whom Reggie has called 'a dreadful arse'. Tom gets up to leave in disgust, but is told to sit down again. Linda has an argument with him, until David tells them both to shut up. Doc Morrissey is the next name to be mentioned, then Joan, then C.J., and finally David and Prue. Geraldine announces from the will that all monies are to be divided equally ,and Jimmy makes his annoyance heard, stating that employees should not get as much as relatives, then regrets it. Geraldine then announces that the money will only be payable on the fulfilment of one condition - that they must all be seen to have done something absurd. Everyone present chatters among themselves, then Elizabeth calls for silence, saying that Reggie had many friends who could have been present, and Joan agrees, stating that as his closest friends, Reggie wants them to create a memorial to him and his projects. Eventually, Ms. Hackstraw continues her narrative, announcing that Reggie's money earned from Grot has been invested in many tax-free states and countries, and Elizabeth is surprised to learn this. Prue casually asks if Geraldine has any idea how much money they may inherit. Geraldine tells them it is not likely to be far off a million pounds - each. C.J. faints, and Joan calls for Doc Morrissey's advice. The Doc tells Geraldine to phone for a doctor. C.J. comes round, and Elizabeth tearfully tells everyone that they must put heart and soul into being absurd. They all agree.

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