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"Eleven minutes late..." - Reggie's delayed train excuses

Every working day, Reginald Iolanthe Perrin would leave his home at 12, Coleridge Close, Climthorpe, for his place
of work at Sunshine Desserts. He would walk down Coleridge Close, turn right into Tennyson Avenue, left into
Wordsworth Drive, then head for the station to catch the train to London's Waterloo. Every working day, his train
was late. On arrival at the office, Reggie would tell his secretary Joan Greengross the reason for his late arrival.
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Series One:
As Reginald Perrin, Sunshine Desserts -

Ep.1   "Eleven minutes late, staff difficulties, Hampton Wick."
Ep.1   "Eleven minutes late, signal failure at Vauxhall."
Ep.1   "Eleven minutes late, staff shortages, Nine Elms."
Ep.1   "Eleven minutes late, derailment of container truck, Raynes Park."
Ep.1   "Eleven minutes late, seasonal manpower shortages, Clapham Junction."
Ep.2   "Eleven minutes late, defective junction box, New Malden."
Ep.4   "Eleven minutes late, overheated axle at Berrylands."
Ep.4   "Eleven minutes late, defective axle at Wandsworth."
Ep.5   "Eleven minutes late, somebody had stolen the lines at Surbiton."

Series Two:
As Martin Wellbourne, Sunshine Desserts -

Ep.1   "Seventeen minutes late, defective bogey at Earlsfield."
Ep.1   "Seventeen minutes late, water seeping through the cables at Effingham Junction - there was a lot of Effingham and a good deal of Blindingham!"

As Reginald Perrin, Perrin Products (Grot) Ltd. -

Ep.4   "Twenty-two minutes late, black ice at Norbiton."
Ep.5   "Twenty-two minutes late, obstacles on the line at Berrylands."
Ep.5   "Twenty-two minutes late, badger ate a junction box at New Malden."
Ep.5   "Twenty-two minutes late, fed up by train delays, came by bike. Slow puncture at Peckham."
Ep.7   "Twenty-two minutes late, escaped puma, Chessington North."

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