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Dust jackets and cover designs of the "...Reginald Perrin" novels and videotapes.

There can be no greater testament to the success and continuing appeal of a novel to successive generations than that novel never going out of print. Such books are the Reginald Perrin novels by David Nobbs. Since the first edition, entitled "The Death Of Reginald Perrin" appeared in 1975, and helped enormously by the successful BBC serialisations, bookstores have always been able to stock "The Fall And Rise...", "The Return...", "The Better World..." and "The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin".
This page aims to bring together for the first time the cover artwork and photographs of all editions of these classic novels. There are still gaps in this collection, but if you have an edition not featured here, please email me with a scan of the cover, together with details of its year of publication. At the bottom of this page are the covers of the videotapes, past and present, and the DVDs. Related Pages: David Nobbs Page - Video Clips

1975 - First Edition 

1976 - first TV tie-in edition 

1977: hardback paperback hardback

1979: paperback    paperback    paperback

1990: paperback    paperback   paperback 

omnibus hardback 

1995: hardback first edition

1996: paperback   paperback   paperback 

paperback TV tie-in 

1999: omnibus paperback 


Volume 1 (edited) 1983 BBCV4159     Volume 2 (edited) 1985 BBCV4160

Series One (unedited) 1997 BBCV5960Series Two (unedited) 1999 2TV2007 

Series Three (unedited) 2000 2TV2009   .  Box Set (3 series) 2003 2TV2031 


Series One (2002) 2NDVD3042  .  Series Two (2002) 2NDVD3048 

Series Three (2003) 2NDVD3049    .   Box Set (2003) 2NDVD3062 


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