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Series Three, Episode Four
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Episode 4:

Scene 1: Reggie and Elizabeth are in bed. Elizabeth is worried about the approaching Christmas. She wants to cook Christmas dinner herself. Reggie says he'll tell McBlane in the morning, and tells her not to worry. She turns over to go to sleep, and Reggie worries about telling McBlane.

Scene 2: In the morning, Reggie goes to see McBlane in the kitchen. He brings up the subject of his wife cooking the dinner at Christmas, but McBlane is brandishing his knife again. Reggie leaves.
Scene 3: It is January. Reggie and Elizabeth are in bed, having had a marvellous Christmas - with dinner cooked by McBlane - and a happy new year. Elizabeth is still worried. There are now five houses in Oslo Avenue occupied by Perrins, and all are bursting at the seams. Elizabeth can't seem to make room for all the new guests about to arrive. Reggie says people will have to share, such as C.J. and Doc Morrissey. Elizabeth wagers Reggie five pounds that he won't be able to make the two men share a bedroom.
Scene 4: In his office, Reggie tells C.J. that he must share a bedroom. Elizabeth is present, to witness the event, as there is five pounds at stake. He tells C.J. he must share with McBlane, and C.J. nearly has a heart attack. Reggie pretends to reconsider, and tells him to share with Doc Morrissey instead, and C.J. is much relieved to hear it. Reggie tries the same trick on Doc Morrissey, telling him he must share with McBlane, but the Doc sees through his little game. Reggie then 'reconsiders' and tells him he must share with C.J. instead. Doc Morrissey faints, and Reggie hands Elizabeth a five pound note.
Scene 5: All the staff's spirits are high, with 38 guests, and the whole project 'Success City, Arizona', as Tony puts it. The mood changes when Reggie tells everyone they must double up their bedrooms as activity centres, but the mood mellows when Reggie tells them of the future plans for Perrins, with nationwide branches, and all of them needing managers.
Link: In bed again, it is Reggie's turn to be worried. He is expecting a visit from a member of Botchley Borough Council in the morning, who will look for planning irregularities and close Perrins down. It is Elizabeth's turn to tell Reggie not to be worried.
Scene 6: Mr. Dent, the council official, is in Reggie's office, pressing Reggie on matters of bureaucracy. Reggie softens him with a cup of tea, a couple of ginger nut biscuits, and a lot of flattery. Mr. Dent insists that Reggie could be prosecuted on having inadequate air vents. Suddenly, Mr. Dent breaks down, calling himself a 'dreadful piece of human flotsam', and Reggie leads him out of the room to woo him into staying at the community.
Scene 7: Later on in the morning, Reggie is chairing a group discussion of guests, including a factory owner who is a raving poof, a shy vet, a conman, an insurance salesman, and Mr. Dent. Eventually, the discussion gets going, and the guests are able to talk frankly about their problems.
Scene 8: Next morning, Reggie is in high spirits after his conquest over Botchley Borough Council. Tom enters with a new idea for removing the aggression from sport. Tony Webster enters just in time to hear it - self-strike boxing, every man hitting himself instead of an opponent.
Scene 9: In his office, Reggie is taking calls from potential guests, including a telephone engineer who can't communicate, and a lonely 'lonely hearts' column editor. There is a knock at the door, and Mr. Winstanley from the council enters, looking for Mr. Dent. He invites the council officer to stay until the afternoon when he will be able to see Mr. Dent partake in a boxing match.
Scene 10: In the local gymnasium, Mr. Dent and a Mr. Wilkins are in a boxing ring, mentally preparing themselves for their fight. The staff and guests are seated at ringside. Tom introduces the fighters and Jimmy rings the bell for Round One. The two men immediately start hitting themselves, while bouncing around their own corners of the ring as though they were being hit by each other. In Round Two, Mr. Wilkins knocks himself out and therefore wins by a knockout. Mr. Dent wins on points.
Scene 11: Back in the office, Mr. Winstanley tells Reggie how much he enjoyed the boxing match, and Reggie persuades him to stay.
Link: At the front door Mr. Pennel from Botchley Borough Council is enquiring on the whereabouts of Mr. Winstanley, and is invited inside. Another day, and Mr. Jenkins from Botchley Borough Council is enquiring on the whereabouts of Mr. Pennel. He, too, is lead inside.
Scene 12: A packed living room is listening to Joan trying to sing and play the guitar. They applaud in sympathy as she finishes. Reggie tries to encourage discussion, but no one speaks. Tom breaks the silence with a joke, then Elizabeth suggests everyone exchange beautiful experiences. David Harris-Jones relates how he saw two arab boys holding hands, and Mr. Dent says money is evil and tears his banknotes into small pieces. Doc Morrissey suggests touching is beautiful, and starts to fondle Joan and Linda's legs, until Joan gives him a slap. Reggie encourages everyone to touch each other, and they do. At that point, McBlane enters. He looks around at everyone touching each other, and mutters something incomprehensible, but nevertheless containing the word 'poofties'.
Scene 13: Back in bed, Reggie is sighing. He is wondering if all the success is too good to last, and if it will all come crashing around there ears soon. As if to emphasise the moment, pieces of the plaster falls from their bedroom ceiling and lands on their bed.

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