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Episode Guide Summary

Below is a brief guide to the series and episodes of "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" ("Series 1 to 3")
and "The Legacy of Reginald Perrin" ("Series 4"), providing original broadcast dates and times, plus a summary of each episode.

Series/Episode: Original Broadcast Dates: Episode Summary:
1/1 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
We are introduced to the routine life of suburban commuter Reginald Perrin, his workplace and his colleagues.
1/2 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
 The stresses of his mundane life start to surface. He dictates rude, sarcastic letters, and fantasises more about his secretary. Also features the safari park scene.
1/3 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Reggie finally plucks up courage to ask Joan over for an affair while his wife is away, but he doesn't bargain on a visit by his son, son-in-law and brother-in-law.
1/4 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
With Elizabeth detained at her mother's, the scheduled dinner party must be cancelled, but Reggie has other ideas. He cancels the dinner, but not the party.
1/5 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Reggie gives a drunken speech at the Fruit Association's seminar, threatens CJ at his fishing contest, and leaves his clothes on the beach in an apparent suicide.
1/6 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Reggie, still very much alive, tours the countryside under various guises, but realises he misses his wife Elizabeth and tries to get his daughter to tell her of his fake suicide.
1/7 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Now settled in the disguise of Martin Wellbourne, Reggie attends his own memorial service. Elizabeth realises he's Reggie, but doesn't let on, and they become engaged.
2/1 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Martin Wellbourne (Reggie) is employed at Sunshine Desserts, but gets bored running his own memorial foundation. Joan and Doc realise his identity and C.J. sacks him.
2/2 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
With Reggie now out of work, Elizabeth takes employment - at Sunshine Desserts. She keeps this from him, however, and Reggie suspects her of having an affair with C.J.
2/3 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Reggie now works at a pig farm, until his boss uncovers his past. Unemployed again, Jimmy tries to recruit him for his secret army, but gives Reggie an idea of his own.
2/4 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Reggie opens a shop called Grot, selling rubbish. To his amazement it is a success and soon has a chain of stores nationwide. He recruits the old mob to work for him.
2/5 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Reggie once again almost has an affair with Joan, and his commercial success continues to grow. But he realises he is back in the routine he tried so hard to escape from before.
2/6 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Bored with being a success, Reggie tries to destroy Grot by employing unsuitable people in unsuitable roles. Result - even more success.
2/7 BBC1 Wed. 9.25pm 
Destruction tactics continue - ridiculous TV interviews, pretending to be gay, wearing dresses. But the beach calls once more.
3/1 BBC1 Wed. 9.35pm 
Reggie has a new idea: a community for the middle-class and middle-aged where people can learn to live in peace and harmony. He recruits the old mob again.
3/2 BBC1 Wed. 9.35pm 
The staff of Perrins undergo a rigorous training period. Finally, the day dawns when the first guest arrives - but he flees in panic.
3/3 BBC1 Wed. 9.35pm 
Reggie decides to take a more dominant role, and guests begin to arrive. Very soon, the community is a great success.
3/4 BBC1 Wed. 9.35pm 
Perrins now occupies five properties - all of them bulging at the seams. The local council send round representatives. Within a week, they too are guests.
3/5 BBC1 Wed. 9.35pm 
Success continues to grow, but wayward guests are now present. A thief and a femme fatale threaten to ruin the existence of the project.
3/6 BBC1 Wed. 9.35pm 
Problems hit Perrins. Guests leave in droves, the staff are taken ill with dysentery, then local yobs decide to get their own back on Perrins Peacekeeping Force.
3/7 BBC1 Wed. 9.35pm 
The community is wound up, and the staff return to normal lives. C.J. gets Reggie a job at his brother's firm Amalgamated Aerosols, but again, the beach beckons.
Special BBC1 Mon. 8.05pm 
Reggie and Elizabeth are looking forward to a quiet Christmas morning, but Joan, David, Tony, C.J., Doc, Jimmy and even a tramp come to share in Reggie's reluctant goodwill.
4/1 BBC1 Sun. 8.30pm 
Reggie has died, killed by a billboard advertising the life insurance co. with which he was insured. He has left £1m to each of his friends and family - on one condition.
4/2 BBC1 Sun. 8.30pm 
To net a share of Reggie's fortune, all benefactors must prove to have done something absurd. Individual attempts fail, so they decide to work collectively.
4/3 BBC1 Sun. 8.30pm 
The team form BROSCOR - the Bloodless Revolution of Senior Citizens and the Occupationally Rejected, with the aim of marching on London.
4/4 BBC1 Sun. 8.30pm 
Both Doc and C.J. have affections for the solicitor and executor of Reggie's will, while the project has bought divorced Tom and Linda back together.
4/5 BBC1 Sun. 8.30pm 
The team concentrates on recruiting their army for the demonstrations, but C.J. has had enough and decides to talk to the press.
4/6 BBC1 Sun. 8.30pm 
Tom and Linda remarry, and Joan marries her boyfriend Hank. David Harris-Jones gets drunk at the reception and tells a BBC employee about the project.
4/7 BBC1 Thurs. 8.30pm 
It is the day of the revolution. Coaches are hijacked, the recruits descend on London and Jimmy interrupts the evening news. But the police have been tipped off.

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