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Credits, Copyright and Disclaimer

First and foremost, I would like to thank David Nobbs for creating such excellent works of literature as the Reginald Perrin novels. Although only three years old when "The Death Of Reginald Perrin" hit the bookstands, I enjoyed first the TV series and then the books immensely, and since beginning my adult life - in an office! - the actions of Reggie have never been far from my mind.
I would also like to thank David Nobbs for allowing me to call these pages the OFFICIAL Reginald Perrin Web Site.
Thanks also to his agents Jonathon Clowes Ltd, his publishers Random House and his publicist Karen Gibbings for the information they continue to provide.

A huge thank you to Richard Webber, whose book, "The Life And Legacy Of Reginald Perrin - A Celebration" provided me with a veritable wealth of detail I could never have obtained myself. His interviews with the cast, biographical details obtained from agencies and minutiae about scenes and filming locations (among many other details in his exhaustive, but now sadly out-of-print, book) left my mind reeling and continues to be a primary source for information. I doubt if Reggie Online would be half as informative were it not for your efforts. Thank you, Richard.

Thanks also to Randy, Joe (whose Perrin Pages were there long before Reggie Online), dailywav.com and all of the people who have taken the time to write with their comments and praise - you guys make it all worthwhile. Thank you.

All information contained within the pages of Reggie Online is (c) Paul Fisher. No information may be used without permission from the author, Paul Fisher. All text extracts are (c) David Nobbs and pictures are (c) British Broadcasting Corporation.

All information on these pages are, to the best of my knowledge, correct and accurate. If anyone knows of any detail that is incorrect, please let me know, especially biographical information.
The author, Paul Fisher, is not responsible for the content or reliability of external sites hyperlinked within these pages.

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