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The Life & Career of Leonard Rossiter

Sources Of Information

My primary source of information for this site is Robert Tanitch's biography 'Leonard Rossiter'.
All pictures remain the copyright of their respective owners, as does the quoted text.
Personal text is copyright Paul Fisher, and may not be reproduced without permission.

Other sources used for titbits of information include:
Documentaries "Oh Miss Jones! The Very Best Of
Leonard Rossiter" and "The Unforgettable Leonard Rossiter"
'The Life & Legacy Of Reginald Perrin' by Richard Webber
'The Lowest Form Of Wit' by Leonard Rossiter
'The Devil's Bedside Book' by Leonard Rossiter
My own collection of interviews, cuttings, and magazines.
Thanks to individual contributors who have sent material.

The author has not intentionally breached any copyright.
If any material requires removal, please email me.


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